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Students typically attend college to learn about a specific subject. Those interested in art study art; those interested in engineering study engineering; those interested in math study math, and so on and so forth. But all college students are forced to complete required college courses, most of which do not relate to their intended major. To make matters worse, these unwanted courses are every bit as expensive as the courses students truly want to take. What does this mean for the modern student?

Required college courses are nothing new, but the price of higher education has gone through the proverbial roof in recent years. According to some estimates, college tuition costs have gone up nine-fold since the late 1970s! As a result, a much larger proportion of undergraduate college students do not graduate in four years. The reason?–they simply can’t afford it! Many are scared off by college tuition sticker shock and the prospect of enormous student loans that can take years, even decades to repay. There is a better way!

Online College English Courses

Long before people took classes on the internet, they took correspondence courses (through the mail). These courses were designed for students who either could not or did not want to leave their homes for distant colleges or universities. Cost savings may have been a factor, but probably not as important a one as they are today. As the price of gas and public transportation costs continues to rise, any student can save a bundle by taking online college English courses at home.

Why they make sense?

In addition to tuition savings, these classes tend to be fairly uniform, i.e., they are the same no matter where or how you take them. A top internet educator, StraighterLine gets their college course materials from McGraw-Hill, the same company that provides material for all levels of education. Their courses undergo strict scrutiny from top educators and administrators at their partner colleges, i.e., the colleges that agree to accept their credits in transfer. Not to mention the fact that all courses at StrighterLine are also reviewed by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)–a federally-approved accreditor.

Save Money

While quality assurance is of paramount concern, cost is often an issue. As we mentioned, the price of the average college education has skyrocketed in recent years. Taking required courses on the internet before you start on your major may help you cut the cost of your college tuition almost in half. StraighterLine offers an unlimited numbers of required classes in their Freshman Year of College classes for just $ 999! This includes online college English classes. For students who want to take it slow and work at their own pace, they only charge $ 399 per course!

Real College Credit

Even though they cost a fraction of the price of traditional college courses, when they are completed, the credits that are earned on online college English classes can be transferred to hundreds of colleges. StraighterLine students can enroll at any institution of higher learning that will accept college credit for American Council of Education (ACE) evaluated courses. However, it is important to note that these colleges will charge an ACE fee and that matriculation may be delayed due to transferred credits. To expedite the process and save a bit of coin, it is often a good idea to simply enroll in one of their many partner colleges.

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