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Because of the recent growth in the field of holistic health, it is small wonder that there are so many schools that offer programs in holistic medicine. This over abundance of schools can make it difficult to find the right one for you, so this review is aimed to help you in your decision by focusing on Acusage Academy.

The school offers programs in foot and body reflexology. It is located in Oxford Massachusetts, but because it is clear that most people are unable to attend classes due to distance, they offer online courses as well. Three courses are offered, each one focusing on reflexology.

Reflexology uses the principles of acupuncture and acupressure to treat patients. It is a quickly growing field, as it is recognized as one of the least invasive forms of treatment. While this is a useful skill to learn, it is somewhat limiting in what you can do with your business.

A better solution is to find a school that offers a wider range of courses, and that’s where Natural Healing College (NHC) comes in. NHC is an online school that offers a wide variety of courses, each of which can help you expand your business into different fields of holistic medicine.

Their programs range from Master of Holistic Science to Nutritional Consultation. With this variety of courses, it becomes easier to diversify your business and appeal to a larger customer base.

The staff at NHC is very experienced, and the school uses advanced distance learning technology to streamline the process and ensure that it’s as accessible as can be. Their courses are also dirt cheap, available for a fraction of the costs of other programs!

Another perk of NHC is how the treat their graduates. Instead of just giving you a certificate and releasing you out to the world, they try to match you with internships or holistic health professionals that you can study under. They even go so far as to give you business consultations!

So, while Acusage Academy is a great program for learning reflexology, it is somewhat limited in what it offers. Natural Healing College on the other hand, helps you become a well-rounded holistic health practitioner and helps you keep your business growing as the demand for holistic medicines and practitioners rises even higher.

Acusite Academy not worth it? Come visit Natural Healing College!

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