Plumbing Retraining: Do You Need It?

It’s probably time you reconsidered your plan to attend trade school for a plumbing retraining yet again.

The median hourly pay for pipe layers has gone up considerably since the last time it was analyzed in 2004. At the time, the lowest rate was 9.19, while the highest 10% earned more than 25.07. The average rate was around 13.68.

When considering these figures, one has to keep in mind the fact that these statistics apply to plumbers who work for plumbing or associated companies. That is, these plumbers do not work independently. The rates are much higher for independent plumbers who can earn as much as 130 an hour. Of course, being independent means they have to think of the overhead costs of the business-it may happen that these plumbers have several others working for them, who they have to look after. Thus, it’s not as if independent plumbers are making a lot of money.

The wages of trained plumbing employees depends on the industry that they’re engaged in. Those who choose natural gas distribution as their occupation receive the maximum hourly wages @ 23.86 per hour. Those who’re engaged in the construction industry for non-residential buildings earn 21.55 on an average hourly basis. Sometimes contractors in the building equipment industry employ plumbers who get 19.85 an hour on an average, while plumbers who’re engaged in building utility systems make 18.29 on an hourly basis.

The lowest wages are undoubtedly earned by those working for the local government. They earn 16.30 on an hourly basis. Novices, or those who’re still undergoing their plumbing training on-the-job, earn the lowest wages. Their average wage is usually half of the average rate earned by a professional, ie, a pipe layer, a steam fitter or a pipe fitter. The wage of a trainee increases as they acquire superior skills and experience.

Some of the best institutes for plumbing retraining are listed below:

– New England Institute of Technology in Warwick, Rhode Island.

– Everest institute in Houston, Texas.

– National Institute of Technology in Long Beach, Texas.

– Wyotech in Fremont, California.

– Pennco Tech in Bristol pa.

– Vatterot colleges (consisting of the two campuses in Missouri).

– Vancouver Career College (consisting of 7 campuses in British Columbia in Canada.)

– Eastwick Colleges in Patterson, New Jersey.

– Professional Career Development Institute (PCDI), which is based online.

– Penn Foster Career School. This institute is also based online, thus working on a correspondence basis.

Institutes like the New England Institute of Technology offer either a Bachelors degree or an Associates degree in plumbing technology.

Here, plumbing retraining students can acquire skills in blueprint reading, drafting, pipe fitting, heating and plumbing, draining, waste management, vent and troubleshooting. Completing a course here allows you to work as a pipe fitter, a plumbing contractor or as a technician for the water supply.

Institutes like PCDI will allow you to undergo plumbing retraining at your own pace and you will be able to qualify at a steady pace and affordable rates.

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