How Much Money Can A Bartender Earn?

As opposed to “how much money do bartenders make”, perhaps the right question is “what other benefits does bartending allow”. Cash is only one of the many benefits. Bartenders also enjoy the chance to work in foreign lands, meet interesting people, work a part-time schedule, and start their career in just a few weeks.

Bartending and travel go hand in hand. Bartending affords you the opportunity to meet all different types of people and to work at many exciting locations around the globe. If you are a good bartender, you can work at some of the finest hotels and resorts in the world.

One of the great benefits of bartending is abiilty to make a full time income from part time hours. Since you can pull in a couple hundred dollars in a few hours, bartending allows for you to pursue other income streams, through either going to college, or starting a business. The oney made from tending bar can be used as extra cash over and above the income from another job.

When you need some extra cash, bartending can be a great option. Top bartenders can pull down over $ 100,000 a year. Approximately 70% of a bartender’s take home pay comes directly from tips.

Obviously you will need to learn the basics of bartending. Whichever direction you choose, you should be able start looking for work as a bartender within just a couple of weeks after beginning a course. The online courses are obviously self-paced, and the schools take just a couple of weeks to complete.

Most importantly, the answer to “How much money do bartenders make” is primarily determined by the bartender’s ability to attract great tips. If you are going to tend bar, you should make it your goal to make as much in tips as possible. Most people focus too much on how to mix drinks instead of the important people skills needed to make larger tips.

Obviously bartenders need to be able to quickly mix drinks while being personable. Other duties may include stock maintenance, and cleaning up. Bartenders are also expected to be great conversationalists who can make customers feel glad they are at the bar.

Bartending provides an abundance of opportunities to develop skills that will benefit you in every aspect of your life. This can lead to other opportunities, as well as broaden your perspective on life. As a bartender, you will have the chance to engage in discussions on a variety of topics and current events.

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